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Yearly Predictions 2012 for INDIA


NANADANA 2012 -13

By DR A.P.Rao & Mrs Radhika Prasad

The ugadi or new year occurs on March 22, 2012  at 20:07:50 . The chart for New Delhi has Kanya lagna and vakri sani in second in Tula, Rahu in third in Vruschika , Moon mercury and sun in seventh in meena , venus and jupiter in 8th in mesha and ketu in 9th in vrushabha. Lagna lord budha is in seventh in neecha and without Neechabhanga rajayoga indicates severe problems to govt from opposition. Aspect of third and  eighth lord Mars   from 12th adds fuel to the fire. Similarly seventh lord guru is in eighth with foe venus and aspected by sani even though sani is exalted. Rahu in third aspected by Mars  is also a concern for holding the siblings of coalition to be together. Thus there is a great testing force for the ruling UPA to be together and also the forces to overcome the opposition efforts. The problems may not be limited to the voting and coalition front but, may involve safety of the country from external and terrorist forces. It is also likely that some of the high profile cases of scams etc may get escalated to give bad name to the ruling alliance. 

In Navamsa kanya lagna with Budhaaditya yoga and Gajakesari yoga may  give good power and manageability to stay and rule.  But, when the challenge occurs sani, venus, rahu forming Bhruguchandala yoga in vikramasthana will be a loser. Similarly the third and 8th lord in neecha in 11th is going to be a nonstarter in any contest that Government participates. 

In Dasamsa kumbha  lagna has Rahu and sani in karmasthana with Bhagyarajyaadhipati yoga. This may give unexpected lease of life to the UPA govt from unexpected sources. Thus, while Rasi and Navamsa spell a crisis for UPA govt in particular and country as a whole Dasamsa indicates last minute lease of life from unexpected sources. 

The Dasa period analysis till next ugadi of 2013 is given below using compressed dasa system.

In the maha dasa of Sat:  till  2012-05-02  - the finances and markets may be good but opposition will be brewing its plans and Govt lacklustre policies will aid and further them. There will be lots of bickering for leaderships and positions of power. 

In the maha dasa of Merc:  2012-05-02  -  2012-06-28 - this is worst period of the year in which all forces external, internal and terrorist activities will be combined to test the country and govt. Extreme caution is needed to overcome the problems. The legal problems from some of the high profile cases may escalate and drag some more individuals into it. 

In the maha dasa of Ket:  2012-06-28  -  2012-07-22 - there may be natural disasters with floods and epidemics causing great havoc. 

In the maha dasa of Ven:  2012-07-22  -  2012-09-28 - this will be a good period for finances and economy. The stock indices and exchange value will improve. 

In the maha dasa of Sun:  2012-09-28  -  2012-10-19 there will be instability of unity in the Government.  Scandals and resignations may occur.

In the maha dasa of Moon:  2012-10-19  -  2012-11-22 - this is a relatively good period and finances and relationships will improve. 

In the maha dasa of Mars:  2012-11-22  -  2012-12-15 - there may be military and terrorist activities which needs greater vigilance. Great loss may occur including loss of high profile personalities.

In the maha dasa of Rah:  2012-12-15  -  2013-02-15 - there may be dissatisfaction and break of realtionships with in the coalition. 

In the maha dasa of Jup:  2013-02-15  -  2013-04-10 - this is relatively peaceful period but still lots of under currents will be brewing.


In the Independence day chart of India, with vrushabha lagna, moon, sani, venus, sun and budha are in third.  The dasa is  Sun MD:  2008-10-19  -  2014-09-18 ,   Sat AD:  2011-08-11  -  2012-07-18 and   Rah PD:  2012-04-12  -  2012-06-02. There is likelihood of losing an elderly statesman. The period is also not good for alliances and coalition. In navamsa also sun is sixth lord in lagna and sani and Rahu are dvir-dvadasa indicating problems.  In dasamsa sun as sixth lord in tenth and sani as 12th lord is in seventh and rahu in 12th from lagna. Thus all the charts indicate problems to coalition. 


In the republic day chart rahu is in sixth and mars in 12th and the dasa is 

 Rah MD:  1995-06-18  -  2013-03-15 ,   Mars AD:  2012-03-02  -  2013-03-15 and   Rah PD:  2012-03-24  -  2012-05-20 indicating great loss to the country.

In navamsa Rahu is in third and mars is in 8th indicating severe problems to the country.


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