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Till 2016-09-01

The month begins on a negative note. Industries based on natural resources like dairy, minerals, fisheries may do badly and may need governmental aid. Some natural disasters may hit these industries and that may add fuel to the fire. Hence the markets and economy will be bearish.

From 2016-09-01 - 2016-09-06

The health of a prominent political figure may cause serious worries and waves in the body politic. Opponents will take advantage of this and this may have any effect on the coming presidential elections. Again this will put great negativity on economy and markets. Even the exchange rate of dollar will fall.

From 2016-09-06 - 2016-09-07

This is relatively one of the good periods of the month with governmental positive actions will help the general public. Dollar exchange value will rise and many countries of friendly nature help in the policies of USA and this will improve trade andexports of technology and material. Thus the markets will see good indicies.

From 2016-09-07 - 2016-09-10

This again may be a bad period with natural and manmade disasters and international incidents spoiling the name of USA. There may be water related accidents and also internationally USA being dragged into unwanted incidents where its name will be questioned for its involvement. Markets will be bearish.

From 2016-09-10 - 2016-09-12

Over all this is a good period with lots of expenditure on good things for public. It is highly accident prone specially with air accidents and water accidents. Again incidents involving violent gun shooting may become a major incident which makes everybody to think back on gun control. With all these the employement numbers will be good and finances will be good. Markets will be bullish.

From 2016-09-12 - 2016-09-16

Air accidents are likely including sabotage based incidents. More than the incidents / accidents the follow up situation especially medical conditions and spreading of diseases will be higher. Extreme caution and preparedness is needed. Still the finances will be good and markets will be more of bullish nature.

From 2016-09-16 - 2016-09-21

This will be mixed period with out any major incidents or points of importance. The educational institutions and research organisations will do very well and some international awards are likely. The finances will be good and stationary. The markets also will be stationary.

From 2016-09-21 - 2016-09-26

This is a period on big disputes both domestically and internationally there may be very important revelations and incidents which will have major impact on political parties and the forthcoming elections. It is better to avoid defense oriented fights specially internationally as they will have long standing effect. Effort should be made to avoid manmade incidents which may look like accidents.

From 2016-09-26 - 2016-09-30

This is good period for educational institutions and financial institutions. Good economy will drive the markets to become bullish. Industries financial institutions will do well, The markets and exchange rates will be good .

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