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Till 2016-08-04

This will be an expensive period and huge amounts will be spent on different issues both important and unimportant. The important items will be related to children, education and developing foreign trade. Politics will take a major role and money will be spent on that like water. Naturally markets will be stationary or slightly oscillating and so also will be the dollar.

From 2016-08-04 - 2016-08-09

There may be great violence at more than one place and one incident almost like a terror attack besides usual gun incidents. This may shake the whole nation as many deaths and injuries will result. Natural calamities may add to these putting great pressure on governmental resources. This may lead to an ultimate good about gun control regulations and greater action against terrorist attack. The markets will be bearish and see a great fall.

From 2016-08-09 - 2016-08-13

The natural disasters that occurred will leave a great mark on health services and pressure on the administration. General public will be affected and suffer but government will try to do its best and all will cooperate and help in the effort. Markets will be stationary or marginally increase.

From 2016-08-13 - 2016-08-15

This is perhaps the best part of the month for investments and profits for companies. Natural resources like produce dairy mineral based industries will do very well and investments in these companies will give profit. As a result of these sectors doing well the markets will be bullish and dollar value also increases.

From 2016-08-15 - 2016-08-21

This is best period for international relationships trade and related agreements. USA will be supported by many countries with its proposals both traditionally friendly and foes alike. Presidential candidate Hillary will have good news as support both financially and from many organizations. This will be her best period before elections. The markets will be highest of the month and dollar bvalue will also increase.

From 2016-08-21 - 2016-08-22

Important decisions of administration will help general public and law and order. They will get support from all parties concerned. The tourism industries and medical industries will also be benefitted. The dollar value will rise against almost all currencies. The markets will be bullish.

From 2016-08-22 - 2016-08-25

Hospitality industries will be hit by natural disasters and man made problems. Tourism will decrease and many industries dependent on that will be hit very hard. Dairy products and transportation related industries will make losses. This will make the dollar weak and make the markets bearish.

From 2016-08-25 - 2016-08-27

This is a chaotic period with all types of problems which involve violence and suffering violence will be manmade domestic and natural disasters. Government has to be forewarned and need to take extra precautions. Markets will hit bottom of the month.

From 2016-08-27 - 2016-09-01

This is very bad period for foreign relations small incidents will escalate and become big issues even with close friendly nations. The trade of exports and imports will be hard hit and dollar value will fall. Many friendly countries will turn against USA. The markets will see lower trends.

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