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Till 2016-04-02

This is an excellent period for making deals and partnerships which may lead to winning combinations in elections and otherwise also. Still the deal making may involve lots of problems negotiations and loss of face. Lady candidates may gain in this more than others. Business and industrial production will gain and hence the financial indices will gain.

From 2016-04-02 - 2016-04-03

There will be gains to male contesters of the election. Dollar value will rise against most of the currencies. Administration will come up with some innovative ideas which will have the support of many members of opposition even. Over all this is good period financially and administratively.

From 2016-04-03 - 2016-04-06

This is a prosperous period for tourism and hospitality industries. Dairy industry will have good profits and distribution will be good. Internationally the trade will improve. Hence th markets will be bullish. Finances as a whole will be good.

From 2016-04-06 - 2016-04-08

This is a prosperous period and is good financially and industrial productionwise. But it is accidentprone period and many accidents both manmade and god made are likely to occur. This may include both in air and water including natural calamities like cyclones.

From 2016-04-08 - 2016-04-14

This is bad period for govt officials and politicians they will be involved in silly fightings with in and outside the country this may have great effect on elections and the candidates image. This can be treated as a turning point in the electoral history. Fianances wand markets will be good.

From 2016-04-14 - 2016-04-18

This is a good period for productivity R&D and industry hence the finances will be good and markets will be bullish. The exchange value of dollar will rise against many currencies. Employement numbers also will become very good and this will further rise the economics.

From 2016-04-18 - 2016-04-24

The production will be good and special manufacturing items will rise very well. There will be many natural disasters and accidents which will drag down the productivity. Still economy will be good and markets will be bullish.

From 2016-04-24 - 2016-04-29

This is a bad period for commercial and financial organisations especially involved in investment instruments like mutual funds and insurance etc. There may be even a big scandal involving an important and rich organization which will pull down the economy and the markets.

From 2016-04-29 - 2016-05-01

The housing sector may be involved in another scandal and will pull down investments and markets. Natural products like agro produce / dairy and minerals are likely to take a big hit pulling down the economy and the markets.

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