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Till  2015-09-04

There may be violent incidents in schools where children may be affected. Finances also will be marginal and for some of the industries it may be negative. Hence markets will be bearish and indicies will be lower. Even the exchange rates may be hit adversely. But the saving point will be that all these incidents will be temporary and recovery will be fast.

From  2015-09-04  -  2015-09-06

The natural products like farm produce and dairy products will be very good and easy supply to population will be there. Even it is possible to export some of them. Investment in these sectors will give very good profits. Minerals and petroleum products will give an edge to US economy.

From 2015-09-06  -  2015-09-11

There may be a big scandal involving the sexual afafirs of a prominent personality. The person may be forced to resign or withdraw from active politics. The repurcation os that will be to damage the name of the administration. This may have ripple effects in the markets in becoming bearish.

From 2015-09-11  -  2015-09-13

This is the best period of the month and govt will be able to come out with good proposals and schemes which will have good over all support of all parties andthus will improve trade. This will increase the value of the dollar and also will improve foreign exchange and make the markets bullish.

From 2015-09-13  -  2015-09-15

This is good for markets and investments all share values will rise and so many people get the benefits. Tourism natural produce dairy and similar natural resources will give good profits and shares companies connected with them will rise giving very good profits.

 From 2015-09-15  -  2015-09-17

This is one of the lowest mark of the month with differences fights and arguments in every activity of governing. Both friends and opponents with in and outside the country will be differing vehemently. There may be naval defence events wc=hich may spoil the relationships. The markets will hence become bearish.

From 2015-09-17  -  2015-09-22

There may be natural disasters and events leading to wide spread unrest and even diseases on a large scale. Children will be affected mostly in adverse manner. Govtl affirmative action is essential to control the disasters. This may include activities from die hard opponents of the country as a whole.

From 2015-09-22  -  2015-09-26

This is one the best periods of the the month with all round prosperity and happiness. The profits of many compnies will be good and employemet numbers wil become very favourable. The shares prices will rise and many wil participate in the bullish markets. The exchange value will also become favourable.

From 2015-09-26  -  2015-10-01

This is a period relationship problems but a great period of opportunity. If the administration can take the opponents with them it will become a great diplomatic victory with lots of opportunities for trade and other similar positive influences. But if they got moored witth argumets and differences with opponets it will be missed opportunity and also will produce very bad results.


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