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Till  2015-10-01

This is an expensive period with lots of doling out to friendly governments and organizations. This may lead to bad name and even make foes of friends. This may be related to official works as well as unofficial helping outs.

From   2015-10-01  -  2015-10-03

This is very good period for higher education research and developmental activities. Quite a good number of US scientists are likely to get international awards. Nominations and enquiries for nominations will be occurring now even though actual naming may occur latter. Many US scientists will be appearing in this year’s list.

From 2015-10-03  -  2015-10-06

There will be very good income and profits for many companies and this will lift the US economy. Hence the markets will also respond well and share indices will become bullish. US dollar value will also rise against many currencies.  A lady may take lead in US presidential elections.

From 2015-10-06  -  2015-10-08

This is a mixed period with enemies making heavy demands on US policies while US economy will be rising. Ultimately US will prevail. It will have victory in numbers of employment / US Policy voting or other international relationships. The US share markets will be neutral.

From 2015-10-08  -  2015-10-13

There may be natural disasters with cyclones typhoons and other natural occurences. This may lead to epidemics and other medical disasters as a result. Higher education and Research will have a boost and good discoveries and inventions will make the US name in leading positions.

From 2015-10-13  -  2015-10-18

This will be one of the best periods for employment deals both with in the country and outside with good benefits for USA. High technology benefits will accrue and with resultant profits and investments. Lots of monetary gains will be there with resultant bullish markets. Dollar value will increase in all exchange markets with good profits.

From 2015-10-18  -  2015-10-24

There may be lots of differences and disputes with opposition with in the country nad outside in greater world. Some of these may lead to even military confrontation. An old politician may have severe health problems and even may pass away. Military restraint and dispute resolution is essential to avoid disputes from escalating.

From 2015-10-24  -  2015-10-29

This is a very good period for developments and R&D efforts – but very bad meteorological conditions high winds wind storms natural disasters may take precedence from developments. Forewarned is fore armed for natural disasters. Naturally the share markets will take a beating.

From 2015-10-29  -  2015-10-31

Employment numbers may fall and some companies may face severe problems in raw material labour unrest and similar management problems. Again being prepared for such problems may reduce the impact on economic output. Markets will be dull.


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