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Till 2015-11-02

There may be serious differences with in the administration, political parties and even presidential contestants. Friendly countries of brotherhood nature may be involved in bitter arguments and differences leading to collapse of important collaborative projects. This may lead to fall of financial markets.

From 2015-11-02 - 2015-11-06

The income and profits of some important companies will increase and this leads to good employement numbers and bullish markets. Exchange value of dollar will increase. Defence industries electronic and chip manufacturers will enjoy a boom in markets with in and outside the country.

From 2015-11-06 - 2015-11-12

There may be natural calamities especially involving coastal regions with cyclonic storms and other similar phenomenon. Schools involving children may face violent activities. All these may result in many deaths and gun control controversies may take primary focus. There will be bitter differences in administration officials.

From 2015-11-12 - 2015-11-16

There may be air and cyclone related accidents of serious nature causing huge damage. Govt officials will be involved in scandals and may be forced to resign or leave in disgrace. Markets will take a severe beating which may involve some scams.

From 2015-11-16 - 2015-11-18

Death of elderly statesman may occur. Natural calamities with huge damage may occur. Farm produce will be adversely affected and so also will be forests and wild life. The markets will take a beating. Exchange value will fall.

From 2015-11-18 - 2015-11-24

This is the best part of the month with very good financial situations. Income will also increase for many industries. Housing will also get benefitted for loans / prices. Markets will be bullish and exchange rates will be good.

From 2015-11-24 - 2015-11-26

There will be big scandal in govt and senior official may be forced to resign. There will be disputes between senior officials and that may lead to a sort of stalemate in governance. There will be lots of wastage and corruption and this will adversely affect governments image.

From 2015-11-26 - 2015-11-28

The expenses will be high to meet natural calamities and administrative differences. Even the personal expenses of top officials will be questioned and audited. The income from torism natural resources and industries based on them will take a severe hit. Hence the markets will be besrish.

From 2015-11-28 - 2015-11-30

This is best part of the month with electronic defence industries will gain a lot. International orders will for defence and R&D products will boost the economy and this will rise employement figures , the image od a slagging govt and the markets.


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