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Till   2015-05-03

There may be incidents with other nations where the US policies might clash and lead to disputes and discussions. It is a time ti lie low and with out precipitating issues. There may be changes in the top administration . It may look like unnecessary interference in other countrys affairs leading to bad name.

From 2015-05-03  -  2015-05-04

There will be very good policies / practices with respect to childrens education and educational policies. These  will help educational system to pick up very well leading to gain in intellectual output. There may be good legislation and support for such a policy from all sides. There may be some good international agreements.

From 2015-05-04  -  2015-05-09

This is a period of loss in many fronts. Income figures corporate results employement figures will be depressing and may lead to financial losses, cearish markets , loss in exchange value and may lead to break in partnerships and friendships. There may be natural disasters and losses there from.

From 2015-05-09  -  2015-05-13

There may be gains but it is followed with lack of happiness and health problems . There may be natural disasters and subsequent indirect losses and expenditure. Educational matters will be good. The name of administration for the good work will be appreciated. Important romances and marriages will occur. The markets will change to bullish.

From 2015-05-13  -  2015-05-18

Again this is a loss  period from many fronts and will lead to fall of markets and exchange values. There may be labour and immigration problems and loss of name due to violent actions at various parts of the country. The violence may disturb communal and religious harmony  and may affect even international relationships.

From 2015-05-18  -  2015-05-23

This is a good period relatively even though many organisations face internal / labour problems and consequent losses. Inspite of that there will be rise in stock markets and dollar value. IT and body care industries financial institutions will be appreciated for the good work done bythem.

From 2015-05-23  -  2015-05-24

There may be natural calamities including diseaases and medical emergincies. The agricultural produce may be adversely affected due to these natural disasters. The markets will dip and become bearish. Health problems take a major role for the governmental activities.

From 2015-05-24  -  2015-05-30

This is relatively good period with good name and acts internationally and govt getting good name and fame for its initiative. They may start a big medical aid organisation which will try to help internationally for natural disasters. The markets will rise and all indices will enter positive territory.

From 2015-05-30  -  2015-05-31

This is the best period of the month with lots of good plitivcal and administrative activities. These policy and administrative measures will get over all approval and appreciation. Many political activities will occur with prominent persons throwing their hat in the election arena.

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