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Till   2015-06-02

Therewill be good harmony and friendship between different partners and with in and outside US which will lead to good deeds and alliances and programs. This will lead to very good cooperation trade and hence god market conditions which willimprove indicies and also exchange value. However there may be difference with an important lady partner in the administration.

From   2015-06-02  -  2015-06-07

The manufacturing will improve and their output will show a great increase . This will in turn make the markets bullish and also improve employement figures. Vehicle manufacturers , aircraft manufacturers, defence industries will show a great upward trends making the markets bullish and inprove international trade in favour of US and dollars exchange value.

From  2015-06-07  -  2015-06-12

There may be some natural disasters on a minor scale like forest fires , shootings in public places , unwanted events in schools etc. These may have a dampening effect on the economy thus reducing the share indicies. Finances will be tough and administration may have tough time against legislature.

From  2015-06-12  -  2015-06-14

There may be differences between  colleagues in administration and infact that may lead to a scandal.There may be illness and wide spread epidemics and these  may give rise to major standstill in implementation of policies. Even legislature may have fights with in.

From 2015-06-14  -  2015-06-19

This is aperiod where a major scamdal about marital relationshipof one of the important official will become prominent and may affect the govt. There will be improvements in economy and speacially due to high tech and IT industries. This will boost the markets.

From 2015-06-19  -  2015-06-21

There may be legislative differences and this may adversely affect the administration and the resultant economy. The dollar exchange value may fall against many currencies, The markets also may become bearish as cuch. Diseases may need major attention.

From  2015-06-21  -  2015-06-24

This is a good period in every way employement figures will rise and new pacts will be made increasing friendly influence internationally. The economy will improve and harmony will be established. The share indices will be bullish.

From 2015-06-24  -  2015-06-25

This is a good period in all aspects specially about defence industries and electronics. Good trade will occur and US image will be on increase. Some new defence collaboration deals will be made with other countries.

From 2015-06-25  -  2015-06-30

This is fair period with some natural problems occurring which requires full attention of government. It includes natural disasters like forest fires and storms and floods.

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