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Till  2015-07-02

There may be drop in profits of some key companies and also governmental income which may make the markets bearish. This may affect the dollar exchange value also. There may be water related infectious diseases on which govt will be forced to take action and spend heavily.

From   2015-07-02  -  2015-07-07

This will be a good period for finances and markets and their indices. Even though there may be major differences with close allies these differences will be solved amicably and to mutual benefits. Educational matters will gain and there will be major improvements in that field to the satisfaction of all. Elders will enjoy this period with good news.

From 2015-07-07  -  2015-07-09

Government supported industries and major defence industries will get good profits and major orders internationally, The colloborations that will be signed will benefit all parties. Income from such trades will increase. As a result of these trades the matkets will become bullish and also the dollar value will increase.

From 2015-07-09  -  2015-07-11

Tourism and hospitality industries will show great profits. There will be good news for lady politicians. Even opponents and  enemies will support govtl policies. Markets will be bullish and many industries due for results will show profits. Agricultural and dairy products will show good production and profits. So also will be retail dealers of these commodities.

From 2015-07-11  -  2015-07-13

There will be major break through in defence industries and defence research. This willresult in good international trade agreements and thus increase revenue. The markets will show good profits and so the indices will reach monthly high. US good will win in competition in many sectors.

From 2015-07-13  -  2015-07-18

There may be severe epidemics and natural disasters including unwanted shootings. Authorities need to be on their toes to avert major disasters. This will have a great negative effect on fiannces markets trade and exchange value. This is a period of grat caution.

From 2015-07-18  -  2015-07-22

This is a good period even though the ill effects of epidemics and results of disasters may still be lingering and effect economy. The income will increase but it my be showing less impact on markets and shares. Elders and children will be suffering more compared to other members of population.

From 2015-07-22  -  2015-07-27

The manufacturing industries in all sectors will show great recovery and good production and profits. This will increase the share market indicies and economy in general. Petroleum and oil sector will show good profits and US products in this sector will gain good international market share and profits. Investments in that sector will be good.

From 2015-07-27  -  2015-07-31

This is a mixed period with over all positive tendencies in the economy. Mutual funds business development organizations will show good profits and will rise the markets. Health issues continue to cause worry if not great problems.

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