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Till - 2016-01-01

There may be major changes in governmental policies in education housing and exchange rates. There may be short term apparent losses but long term gains as a result of these changes. There will be higher expenditure on these items from govtl organizations. Higher education will be revamped and some strict control steps will be taken for nonstandard educational institutes.

From 2016-01-01 - 2016-01-04

This will be a mixed period while prosperity will be good there may be natural disasters and problems which inconvenience the general public. There may be violent incidents and diseases. Hospitality industries, travel and tourism will show good prosperity. Markets will be without much movement.

From 2016-01-04 - 2016-01-06

There will be very good improvement in electronic and defence industries international sales will get good profits and royalties. There will be rise in many market indicies and even exchange rate will increase. Industry in general will see a good rise and bullish trends. An important defence expert may lose his position and name.

From 2016-01-06 - 2016-01-10

There may be threats natural and manmade which needs high govtl activity to come out safely. There may be wide spread diseases and hospitals will be loaded with patients. Air accidents may occur. The markets will take a hit and drop drastically. Health of an important official may cause concern.

From 2016-01-10 - 2016-01-15

This is a good period for educational activities and research and development. Very important breakthrough in developments will occur which will have long term financial benefits. Markets will gain and special in high tech industries and IPOs. Scientists will get international name and fame which is followed by financial gains.

From 2016-01-15 - 2016-01-20

Manufacturing industries like motor vehicles aeroplanes, IT sector body care products etc will do very well. There may be problems with important foreign partners about major policies and this may lead to a sort of chaos in world relationships, This will have great adverse effects on financial markets and economy. Trade also will be affected.

From 2016-01-20 - 2016-01-24

This is a relatively good and stable period with good employment numbers. New financial instruments will be created and will be popular. Mutual funds and business development activities will become popular and will boost the markets. Indicies and exchange markets will be bullish.

From 2016-01-24 - 2016-01-26

This is a bad period for partnerships and negotiations many differences will occur with important partners both within and outside the country this may lead to loss of friendships / popularity and finances. This will have a great dampening effect on the finances and markets. Trade will be hit hard.

From 2016-01-26 - 2016-02-01

This will be a prosperous period for modern industries including IT sector. One of the top presidential candidate may be hit with bad name and may be forced to defend hard or even withdraw. This will make the markets bearish and finances sluggish. Exchange value of dollar will also fall.

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