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Till  2015-08-02

There may be a major accident / incident involving defence forces oissibly a naval vessel in international waters. This may lead to many casualities and international outcry. US may not take it lying down as it may not be an accident but a deliberate incident by enemy action. Naturally the markets and dollar value will be down.

From   2015-08-02  -  2015-08-07

The opponents and enemies may continue to show their activity by ebgaging US in nefarious activities. Besides there may be natural calamities which may lead to widespread diseases and epidemics. Again this may be a major incident more due to natural calamity but leading to fatalities. Stock Indicies will be lower.

From 2015-08-07  -  2015-08-11

This will be a good period with good income and lots of support from friends and opponents alike. Educational matters and Research will have great break through. Income from core sector will increase and so also profits. As such markets will be bullish and sentiments will be optimistic.

From 2015-08-11  -  2015-08-16

This is a period of natural calamities and obstacles for many activities. There may be epidemics and employement sector may suffer greatly. Productions especially manufacturing sectors will have  breakdown and reduced output. Opponents and critics will have a field day,

From 2015-08-16  -  2015-08-20

There may be air accidents and delays in air traffic due to natural and man made causes. Electronic industries and govt supported industries also may suffer in their production. The dollar value will be hit.  Internationally the US name may get spoiled.

From 2015-08-20  -  2015-08-22

There will be losses in agricultural and dairy output and this may hit a major setback in the food items distribution market. Minerals and similar natural resources will also be adversely affected and this may make the markets bearish and affect the dollar value also.

From 2015-08-22  -  2015-08-27

This is the best part of the month with many international deals being made and trade improving in favour of USA. The income will increase from many licesnses and the markets will be bullish with good value hunting. The exchange value of dollar will increase at the best value of the month.

From 2015-08-27  -  2015-08-29

This will be a mixed period the presedential candidates taking the centre stage and a prominent party person may take a big hit and drop down from the race. There may be a big scandal involved in his / her defence deals career.

From 2015-08-29  -  2015-08-31

This is good period with tourism hospitality industries and marketing increasing at the best values of the month. The stocks and their indicies will rise to make the markets bullish and sentiments very good. The exchange rates will rise in favour of USA.


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