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From   2015-04-01  -  2015-04-06

This is a tough period for finances and international relationships. There may be differences and disputes with some of the close allies and even traditional opponents. Restraint is need to see that the differences donot lead to military actions. The dollar value in exchange may fall against many currencies. The markets also will have a bearish signs.

From  2015-04-06  -  2015-04-08

There may be differences in the ruling administration members some highly positioned person may leave due to health reasons and policy differences.The markets and exchange value of dollar will continue to drop. There may be bad incidents about children and in educational institutions. Epidemics may cause great worry.

From  2015-04-08  -  2015-04-10

This is one of the best periods of the month with all round positive results. Tourism will improve and there will be good news about visas and permisiions for improving tourism. The markets will be bullish and dollar value will gain. Cooperation with opposition parties and foreign governments will improve.

From  2015-04-10  -  2015-04-12

There may be differences in the decision making body specially about defence and public safety. The health issues of public may rise a big controversy both for managing the finances for public health as well as epidemic situation. Due t a major incident gun control may become another big point of discussion. Markets will be dull .

From  2015-04-12  -  2015-04-17

This is a good period for markets and inventing new discoveries. Major scientific breakthrough will excite many. These may have long term benefits to the public and world at large. These will improve market sentiments and make them bullish. Exchange rates will make the dollar more valuable.

From  2015-04-17  -  2015-04-21

This is one of the good periods of the month with over all developments and good work. Finances will be very good and many companies will show very good profits. Exchange rates and markets will be giving good sentiment. Tourism will improve.

From  2015-04-21  -  2015-04-26

This is a mixed period with almost dull and stationary situation in all sectors be industrial results or defence deals or markets. Labour problems may be posing a major challenge and will take the energy and time of administration.

From  2015-04-26  -  2015-04-30

This is a very weak period for health issues epidemics and finances. There may be serious health issue of a major leader and also general public may suffer due to problems in health management. This will make the markets and financial situation problematic.


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