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Till   2015-03-03

There may be slow down in credit off take. There may be slight slowdown in high-tech and knowledge industry. There may be misunderstanding with neighbouring countries.

From 2015-03-03  -  2015-03-08

Oil prices and commodity prices may slightly go up during this period. Traditional industry stocks will do well. Strength of dollar against other currencies will consolidate. Real estate markets will continue to do well. Bipartisan support will be there on key policy matters which is of immediate importance to functioning of the government.

From 2015-03-08  -  2015-03-12

Employment growth will be moderately good. President Obama and his policies will gain further confidence and support from the masses. This is a good period for mutual fund and communications industry.

From 2015-03-12  -  2015-03-14

Fiscal and current account deficit may increase. Bond yield will continue to inch up. However, Fed Bank will continue to postpone the interest rate hikes. There may be mild swings in the stock markets.

From 2015-03-14  -  2015-03-20

Key government dignitary may suffer ill health. Also, there may be some news related scandals.  US and its key middle east partners may suffer some causalities during their war against terrorism.

From 2015-03-20  -  2015-03-21

Stock markets will be upbeat during this period. Law and order situation will be good. Consumer confidence will also be high. Government functioning will be smooth.

2015-03-21  -  2015-03-24

Key government officials will travel during this period. Hospitality and dairy industry growth will be good.

 2015-03-24  -  2015-03-26

War related spending will keep increasing. Any new defence related deals may get postponed. Also, the moral of the US army will be a bit low. There may be slight slow-down in banking and mortgage industry.

2015-03-26  -  2015-03-31

Government expenses will increase. Health care spending may increase. There may be fluctuations in the stock markets. Crime rate may go up during this period.

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