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 U.S. Government and president will continue to face resistance from the elected houses on enhancing military offensive against ISIL militants. There may be some sex scandal allegations and divorce suits involving a key government functionary and/or cine-industry. Law and order will be at its best.

Real estate markets will do moderately well. Bond yields will continue to slide down and Dollar strength against major currencies will hold on. Gold prices may be slightly subdued. Stock markets will be positively biased and speculation will be high in the markets.

Till   2015-02-01

This is a good period. Government decision making will be slow. Fed will postpone key monetary policy decisions. Bond yields may slightly slide down. Banking sector will do well. Relations with Cuba and other neighbouring countries may see further improvement.

From 2015-02-01  till  2015-02-06

This is a good period for real-estate, mining and chemicals industry. Oil price may show signs of going-up after the steep fall.

From 2015-02-06  till  2015-02-10

Medicare spending will raise. Spending on military offensives in Middle East will continue to raise. This is a good period for mutual fund industry. Government may get support from Congress on financial, debt and budget related matters.

From 2015-02-10  till  2015-02-15

Banking sector will do well. This is also good period for hi-tech industry. There may be misunderstandings and differences of opinion between the US and its key middle east partners on strategies related to war against terrorism.

From 2015-02-15  till 2015-02-17

There may be some news on sex scandal allegations and divorce suits involving key members of the US society. It is advisable for traders to be short in stocks during this period.

From 2015-02-22  till  2015-02-23

Government will do its best to further revive the real-estate markets. Parliament will debate on pending issues though they may not give a bipartisan support for Presidentís proposed actions on foreign policy and military front.

From  2015-02-23  till  2015-02-26

President may undertake long-trips and foreign visits. There may be also visits of foreign dignitaries to USA. It is a good period for food and beverages and hospitality industry.

From 2015-02-26  till  2015-02-28

This period may see new key business partnerships, mergers and acquisitions. There may be speculation in the entertainment industry. Stock markets may be choppy.

 USA Predictions Jan 2015

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