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Please Note following General Information:


Horoscope with Important Calculations will be provided for all services mentioned below.


In addition to prediction, suitable santhi or parihara will be also suggested if necessary.


Predictions will be sent by email.


Birth data - Date of Birth, Place of Birth and Time of Birth data is needed. Please include nearest well known city also along with the Place of Birth.


Type of Prediction Description Order Name


Important Area of Life
bullet General Predictions for one important aspect of life like marriage / career  / education / investment / health etc. are provided.
A1  US $30

Three year predictions for one important aspect like marriage / career  / education / health etc.

bullet 3 Year predictions for one important aspect of life like marriage / career  / education / investment / health etc. are provided.
A2 US $30

One Year Prediction
bullet One year prediction from birth date to birth date or from any date covering all important events of all areas of life.

A3 US $30

Answers to five specific questions.

bullet Answers to any 5 questions will be provided.
A4 US $30

Marriage Compatibility


bullet Please provide two sets of dates in the other information section for both potential partners when you fill the form.
A5 US $30

Muhurta Determination
bullet Determine a good time for Specific life event like marriage, starting a business, purchasing house  etc..
A6 US $30

Detailed Chat for discussing the Horoscope and clarifying your questions.

bullet Any specific topic of one horoscope. An appointment will be scheduled once we receive your order.
bullet 30 minutes Yahoo chat with one of the astrologers.
B1 US $50

Detailed Investment Counseling
bullet To Invest or not, What type of investment, When to Invest and if in shares what sector of shares with weekly frequency for a period of one year.
B2 US $50

Birth time Rectification
bullet Birth Date is accurate but actual time not known. To prepare horoscope we will need to know about 15 incidents of your life with actual dates so that we can use them to rectify your horoscope.
B3 US $50

Other Services
bullet If interested in any other services not covered above, please contact us with your questions and we will advise the next steps.



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