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November Predictions 2016                



Makare Kuja Nov 1stth

Dhanuse Sukra Nov 7thth

Vrischike Budha Nov 9thth

Vrischike Ravi Nov 16thth

Dhanuse Budha Nov 28thth


Mesha Rasi (Aries): Aswini, Bharani and Krittika 1st pada

November is a prosperous period. There will be growth in job. This is a favourable period for those working in law and order and defense sectors. During second half of the month there may be differences with colleagues and higher-ups. Work related travel will be there. Investments in electronics, electrical and agricultural sectors will be profitable. Those in relationship may part ways. There may be attitude differences in marital life. Legal matters will be settled finally. If it is marital related legal cases it may cost you heavily. This month is profitable for businessmen. Those in Textile, Interior design, Jewelry and publishing areas will do well. There may be delay in getting Government sanctions. Students may not get expected grades. Communication gap with father may be there. Elders will visit you. Expenditure on health will increase. Seniors may have liver, arthritis and cardiac concerns.

Vrushabha Rasi(Taurus): Krittika 2,3,4; Rohini; Mrigasira 1& 2:

This is a month of lot of activity. You will feel at a loss in completing the works on hand. Child progress will make you happy. Couple planning for child. After 17th there will be some progress in pending legal matters. This is a very favourable period for medical doctors, surgeons and those in biotech field. At work it is better to keep low and avoid discussions. This is not a very favourable period for Politicians. Your sharp ego and pride may bring differences with near and dear. There may be unexpected hurdles in marital functions. Differences with spouse may continue. First half will be good for businessmen, later on there may be some delays in meeting the clientís demands. Self-employed will do very well. Long distance journey will be fruitful. You will receive good news from sibling. From second week of the month you will feel lethargic and will tend to postpone all works on hand. Indigestion, low back pain, renal ailment and thyroid issues may cause inconvenience. Chances of gaining weight is more.

Mithuna Rasi(Gemini): Mrigasira 3, 4; Arudra; Punarvasu 1,2 and 3

Month starts on good note. The work atmosphere will be good. There will be rise in income. A very good period for academicians, researchers, marketing, and public relations officials. Work stress as well as domestic stress will sap your energies. You will feel better towards the end of the month. Students will feel less energetic and tend to postpone the works after 16th. Those planning to study abroad may face hurdles. Investments will bring profits. Some of you will inherit property. Family get together will keep you busy during first half of the month. You are likely to part ways with an old friend. You may develop a romantic relationship during this month. Sudden anger and emotional outbursts may be there in marital life during second half of the month. Business will be better inspite of some administrative hassles. Those in family business will do very well. Maternal elders health will be a concern. Seniors with rheumatic pains and diabetes may requires doctor advise.

Karkataka Rasi(Cancer): Punarvasu 4; Pushya, Aslesha

The month starts on high activity. At work, whirlwind of activities keep you busy during first half. During second week there will be financial gains along with career. Your hard work and loyalty will receive due reward. This is a very good period for doctors, biochemists, engineers and IT officials. You will receive good news from sibling. One of your sister may approach you for monetary help. Investments may best be avoided. Child will make you happy. Students will do well at studies as well as in extra curricular activities. There may be severe differences in marital life till 16th and the situation eases out later on. Social and religious functions will keep you busy throughout the month. Cardiac and Diabetic patients need to take extra care of diet and exercise. Respiratory ailments will cause severe inconvenience during first half of the month. Business will see a growth this month. Those in chemical, hardware, electronics, pharmacy will do very well in business.

Simha Rasi (Leo): Makha, Purvaphalguni(pubba), Uttaraphalguni 1:

Finances will be good. You will be able to meet all financial commitments and save for future as well. Some of you will be lucky with lottery and investments. Pending family inheritance legal matter will be heard in your favour. Authors, small time writers and theatre personnel will be in limelight. Those planning to change job will get good opportunity towards third week of the month. Verbal and written correspondence may be double checked during third and fourth weeks. You will attend training/workshop. Family responsibilities may also sap your energies towards third week of the month. Students will get good grades. Health of mother may be delicate. Avoid lending money or entering into some agreements with friends. Students will do very well in extracurricular activities. Domestic unhappiness may be the cause for stress. Sinuses, low back ache, pain in knees and legs will cause inconvenience. You will receive long pending dues.

Kanya Rasi (Virgo): Uttaraphalguni 2, 3, 4; Hasta; Chitta 1,2:

The month starts on a slow note. You will feel lethargic and low in confidence. From 17th the circumstances will suddenly improve. Your creative work and subject knowledge will be appreciated at work. Medical and science professionals will get an opportunity to address audience. Politician actions will be questioned by public. Financial situation will be better from third week. You will get loans. Some of you will invest in landed asset. Differences with relatives may continue. It is better to think twice before you speak. Students will get good grades in exams. Those pursuing artistic courses will get good recognition during last week. There will be sudden journeys. Health requires care while on journeys. Investments will bring profits during first week of the month. Unmarried will tie the knot after 16th. You may stay away from family during fourth week of the month. Business will be good. Interior designers, Jewelers and telecom related businessmen will do very well. Tooth, vision, headaches and stomach ailments may cause inconvenience.

Tula Rasi(Libra): Chitta 3,4, Swati; Vishaka 1,2 & 3:

November is financially favourable month. There will be rise in income. Sudden travel abroad is likely. This is a favourable period for attorneys, law enforcement officers and defense personnel. Ego hassles and sharp speech may cause differences with family members and colleagues. You will join natural healing courses like meditation/yoga etc. You will purchase jewelry for loved one. Elders and sibling will visit you. Those with children of marriageable age will perform their marriage. You will receive good news from a sibling. You will purchase your dream vehicle. Avoid any discussions with spouse side relatives, any well intended advice will be misunderstood. Students pursuing science courses will get very good grades. Some of you will get good ranks in competitive exams. Court cases will further drag on causing heavy expenditure. Businessmen will have upper hand over competitors. Technical, manufacturing, construction and metal related businessmen will do very well. Headaches, vision, acid reflux, and low back ache may cause inconvenience.

Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio): Vishaka 4 Anuradha; Jyeshta

November is a mixed period. You will find your patience being tested at every stage. At work there may be differences with higher ups. On the bright side you will have support from your team members. This is a favourable period for businessmen. Other than those businessmen dealing with government agencies rest all will do very well. Financial analysts, stock brokers, portfolio manager will do very well. Those planning to travel abroad may face hurdles. You will perform and attend religious functions. Father health may be delicate. Taking blessings from elders will aid in general prosperity. You are prone to frequent fever, vision ailment and tooth pain. Students will get good ranks in competitive exams. You will represent your institute in science/engineering competitions. There may be less harmony at home.

Dhanus Rasi (Saggitarius): Moola; Purvashada: Uttarashada 1

November is a financially prosperous period. Sudden work related tours may show on health. This is a very favourable period for those working in Insurance, investment and financial agencies. There may be severe differences with senior and a father figure in the family during first half of the month. Legal matters will finally be heard in your favour. You will receive good news from younger sibling. In business avoid any business or even financial dealing with relatives. Your networking skills will help you during a key moment. Unmarried will get life partner of their liking in third week. You will purchase costly gifts for the loved one. Some of you will bring a pet to home. This is a good period for students. You will get good ranks in competitive exams. Science students will get selected to represent their institute at higher level. Renal ailments, skin allergies and pain in hand/fingers may be there.

Makara Rasi(Capricorn): Uttarashada 2,3 &4 ;Sravana; Dhanista 1 & 2

November is a dynamic period. There may be unexpected transfer during first half of the month. Monetary growth will be there. Those seeking to change job will get good opportunity towards month end. There may be change in place of residence. Engineers, horticulturists, Defense intelligence officials, and those in law and order will do very well. There may be arguments with higher ups during first half. There may be differences of opinion with children. Expenditure will increase on their education. Those in existing relationship will tie a knot. Some of you will go on adventurous trips. You will take sudden and risky decisions, which may not be appreciated by family and friends. This is not a very favourable period for sports personnel. Friendís reunion is likely towards third week of the month. Avoid spicy and oily food. You are prone to heat boils and minor facial injuries.

Kumbha Rasi (Aquarius): Dhanista 3 & 4; Shatabhisha; Purvabhadra 1, 2 &3

The month starts on a low and slow note. Towards second half you will feel energetic and will dive deep into the work. The period after 17th is good for Government officials. Archeologists, financial experts and geologists will be in limelight. Work related travel will be more. Some of you will travel abroad on official projects. Business will be very slow during first half of the month later on it will pick up. This is not a very favourable period for self employed. Relatives may approach you for financial help. There will be profits from landed assets. You may face displeasure of elders. Domestic unhappiness may be there in marital life. Students will have to work hard to get expected grades. Sports persons will get good opportunity to represent their institute. Viral infections, joint inflammation and knee cap pain may cause severe inconvenience during first half of the month.

Meena Rasi(Pisces): Purvabhadra 4; Uttarabhadra: Revathi

Work loyalty, responsibility will be of highest priority to you this month. There will be growth in career. Inspite of the differences with higher-ups at work you will gain respect at work place. Finances will be much better than previous month. Some of you will secure loans to purchase an asset. You will react emotionally towards children matters. You will develop new relationship. There may be ego differences with spouse. Spouse health will be a concern during first half of the month. Health of father requires throughout month. Renal problems, shoulder pains, low back ache and leg pains may cause severe inconvenience. Students will do very well during first half of the month later on their grades will slightly dip because of laziness. You will receive good news from siblings. You will feel less in energy in general, due to which you tend to postpone lot of works. Business in general will be good, but there may be differences with partners.

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