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During this month US congress will debate on and post-pone taking decisions on important reforms and bills (like immigration bill) advocated by President Obama. Government spending will increase for defence related procurements and for supporting war-against terrorism in the Middle East. Unemployment rates will steadily go down further. Civil rights movement will be much talked and written about as a continuing after-effect to Ferguson controversial shooting incident. Also, real estate markets will do well. Bond yields will continue to slide down. Stock markets will be positively biased and speculation will be high in the markets.

From 2015-01-01  till  2015-01-02

This is a relatively calm and good period. Mutual fund industry will see an uptick in sales during this month. Government will do its best to spruce up real estate markets further.

From 2015-01-02  till  2015-01-04

There will be a slow-down in food and tourism industry. Restaurant industry will show slight slow-down. Health-care spending may increase. 

From 2015-01-04  till  2015-01-06

Defense spending will raise on account of on-going war against ISIS terrorists.

From 2015-01-06 till 2015-01-11

During this period there may be some mild swings in the financial markets. There may be some acute health issues for a key government figure. This is a slightly positive period for real estate markets.

From 2015-01-11 till 2015-01-15

There may be slight uptick in real-estate sales/investments. There could be slow-down in knowledge based industry (IT and consulting for example).

From 2015-01-15 till  2015-01-20

Oil, gas and mining industry will do well. Uptick in manufacturing activity will also be noticed during this period.

From  2015-01-20  till 2015-01-24

This is a good period for mutual fund industry. Congress will support the President on several key foreign-policy matters.

From 2015-01-24  till 2015-01-26

US may face some opposition from its key global allies on matters related to war against terrorism, Russian sanctions etc.

From 2015-01-26  till  2015-01-31

Media, fashion and entertainment industry stocks will do well. Some award-winning movies might be released during this period.


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